25 Years Strong

There are a number of studies that show the positive benefits of healthy marriage. A study referenced in the American Association of the Advancement of Science makes note that married people are 14% less likely to die after a heart attack than single people.

This year I am grateful to celebrate 25 years of marriage to a wonderful woman, and I would categorize our relationship as healthy. I would also make note that our relationship has grown over that time, which may be significant to health as a study referenced shows those that flourish have greater positive effects on health than those that are consistently healthy or unhealthy.

On a recent episode of the Fitness Is A Habit podcast, my wife joined me to talk about our journey and goals for the future. I feel confident in speaking for her a stating that physical and spiritual health and wellness are important to us and we hope that is evident in our character. Listen to this episode of the F.I.A.H. podcast and see if that shines through.


Until next time, forever on the journey.


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